Fabco Goes In-House to Make Stormwater Filter System Prototypes

In an effort to produce high-performance stormwater filter system prototypes in a more timely fashion, Fabco Industries acquired a 3D printer. Previously, Fabco has relied on a rather costly and time-consuming process that involved outsourcing third party companies to build prototypes. With the acquisition of the S-Squared 3D printer, Fabco has brought the work of creating prototypes in-house, effectively shaving a lot of time off a task which previously could take up to 4 weeks to complete. Now Fabco is in total control over when these prototypes are completed and when live testing can be performed for a client, making the entire process much smoother and convenient for all involved. There is even a camera on the device that monitors the prints 24/7.

The S-Squared 3D printer bolsters a large printing area, 12”x12”x12”, or one cubic foot of printable area. It also has a unique printer head cooling system that was custom designed to keep extruder cold ends cold and provide material cooling for precision printing. Its low jam extruder nozzle is designed to reduce the incidents of jams from switching materials without switching the nozzle. With an extremely rigid aluminum frame, this machine will not have any chassis flex even under the most demanding printing. In fact, it’s so rigid you may only have to adjust it one time over its lifetime. Fabco Industries and their clients are sure to reap the benefits of having this highly advanced printer in-house very quickly.

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Your New EPA Registered Answer To Coliform Bacteria

Helix-Guide No boxFabco’s FabGuard™ media, designed to reduce coliform bacteria found in stormwater, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater, was recently registered with the EPA. Field and laboratory testing of the FabGuard™ material has shown efficient bacteria reduction, even at relatively high flows rates. Here are more details about FabGuard™ and how Fabco can tailor it to the needs of your project.

How does the FabGuard™ technology work?

FabGuard™ is an open cell foam material that contains an antimicrobial agent that has proven effective in reducing coliform bacteria found in stormwater. The Antimicrobial agent is a patented chemical technology that, when applied to the FabGuard™ base material, forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged coating which bonds to the surface. At the microscopic level, imagine a layer of electrically charge fibers or spikes covering the surface of the FabGuard™ media. Coliform bacteria contained in stormwater that contact the treated FabGuard™ surface are punctured and neutralized.

With FabGuard™, Fabco offers various engineered field solutions for reducing coliform bacteria in stormwater, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater.

FabGuard™ material can be implemented using Fabco’s replaceable cartridge technology for use in our catch basin insert line (StormBasin™) or in our StormSafe™ underground vaults. For a high-flow end-of-pipe solution, our patented Helix™ systems provide the highest treatment flow rates in a compact, economical design.

Fabco’s Helix™ is a sub-surface vault system that can be configured to treat stormwater flow rates up to 9 CFS. The scalable vault can be used as a standalone BMP, or as a secondary filtration device following pretreatment via a land based system or manufactured treatment device.  Click here to learn more.

We offer sustainable, simple-to-maintain filtration solutions to meet virtually any stormwater pollution control challenge. Innovative technology. Proven performance. Unbeatable quality and value. Discover all the reasons why Fabco gives you…Evolved Stormwater Solutions.Click here to learn more about Fabco Industries.

Fabco’s FabGuard™ Antimicrobial Filters have been registered with the EPA for Coliform reduction

Fabco Industries Inc, Farmingdale, NY.


FABGUARD media used in Fabco’s StormBasin™, StormSafe™ and patented Helix™ treatment systems has been registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for reducing coliform bacteria in stormwater, industrial wastewater and municipal  wastewater applications.

FABCO INDUSTRIES has spent over 15 years developing and manufacturing innovative water filtration products for businesses and communities looking to reduce pollutants from stormwater and wastewater flows. As an EPA registered antimicrobial product, our FabGuard™ filters have raised the bar in removing coliform bacteria from our valuable waterways.

John Markee, Fabco VP of Sales and Marketing, is enthusiastic. “FabGuard™ is a new Fabco development that complements our other filter media products,” John states. “Its unique physical properties allow sustained high flow rates while still providing exceptional treatment of coliform bacteria.

FabGuard™ filters combine patented chemical technology with our proprietary cellular foam material, making it antimicrobially active. This antimicrobial solution will not wash out, or leach into the environment. Microorganisms that contact the FabGuard™ surface are neutralized. Nothing is depleted or transferred to the now dead cell. The FabGuard™ antimicrobial filter retains its effectiveness and the surface is ready for the next bacteria cell.

Efficacy testing of FabGuard™ performed at flow rates ranging from 10 to 100 gallons per minute have confirmed reductions of both E. coli and Enterococcus in the 70 to 99% range.


Flow Rate

Enterococci Reduction

E. coli Reduction

10 GPM



40 GPM



100 GPM



As John explains, “The effectiveness of FabGuard™ media is even better than anticipated. FabGuard™ sets a new standard for filtering coliform bacteria.”

FabGuard™ perfectly complements existing Fabco stormwater filtration systems including catch basin inserts like our StormBasin™ and StormPod™ systems for retro-fit applications. Or, end of pipe solutions such as our cartridge based StormSafe™ or patented high flow Helix™ vaults.

FabGuard™ filter media benefits:

  • Reduction of coliform bacteria
  • Effective treatment at high flow rates
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and deploy

About Fabco Industries:

Fabco Industries is a leader in stormwater management. We design and manufacture high performance storm water filter systems that are highly effective for various treatment applications including retrofits, new construction and green infrastructure. Our range of cost-effective, durable products are designed to meet increasingly stringent pollution control regulations and best management practices for municipal and commercial stormwater markets.

We offer sustainable, simple-to-maintain filtration solutions to meet virtually any stormwater pollution control challenge. Innovative technology.  Proven performance.  Unbeatable quality and value.  Discover all the reasons why Fabco gives you…Evolved Stormwater Solutions.

For more information on EPA  registration  of FabGuard filters, please visit: fabco-industries.com or call John Markee at (631) 393-6024.

Patchogue NY Case Study With Fabco Industries

DSC_0031sm-1Patchogue is a water-front community on the south shore of Long Island, a mere 60 miles east of New York City. Nestled into the Great South Bay, this urbanized village features the Patchogue and Swan rivers and a number of ponds and lakes, including West Lake, Great Patchogue Lake, and Swan Lake. The wedge-shaped topography of Long Island naturally slopes the land towards the village. This unique set of circumstances leaves this vibrant community susceptible to heavy, drenching rains. Runoff water washes contaminants from the streets, rooftops and land into the waterways, where clamming, fishing and other water-based activities are long-standing traditions. Clearly, managing surface water runoff is critical.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 4.51.23 PM
Patchogue’s Superintendent of Public Works Joseph Dean

Four years ago, Patchogue’s administrators set out to update their stormwater management system. They needed a system that would effectively filter a variety of contaminants. It had to be able to handle the large volumes of water created during heavy rains. As Patchogue’s Superintendent of Public Works Joseph Dean explained, “We’re quite low, so it doesn’t take much to cause a flood.” And a flood would rush street rubbish and pollutants into the coast that makes this village so spectacular.

With this difficult task in hand, the village requested solutions from stormwater experts. Several companies responded, including local supplier Fabco Industries. While the other representatives struggled to meet the requirements, Fabco developed a solution based on firsthand experience gained from installing nearly 3,000 units in similar locations on Long Island alone.

Fabco began by mapping drain inlets. With this information and their vast experience, they recommended a series of products. FABCO showed the administrators solutions featuring their StormBasin™ insert filters. These filters could handle the potential high flows as well as filtering out diverse pollutants using their interchangeable cartridge system. FABCO worked with the maintenance team, showing them how to install, maintain, clean and replace the filtering cartridges.

Four years have passed and FABCO has stood by their system. Their products still perform. As Mr. Dean states, “Fabco makes cleaning and exchanging filters quick and easy. They just snap in and snap out. It’s a real timesaver.”

Patchogue boasts immense advantages: waterfront, stellar dining, vibrant arts. These elements help make Patchogue the perfect home for so many New Yorkers. While the weather cannot be controlled, its effects can be managed. Contaminants can be effectively filtered from the waters we treasure. Community leaders are doing what they can to insure that Patchogue continues to be a model village. FABCO INDUSTRIES is still a big part of their plan.

Visit The New Section On Our Website – Measuring Grates

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFabco Industries has added a brand new page to the company website for those looking to install our highly effective storm water filtration systems into pre-existing drains. In the new section titled “Measuring Grates,” we offer step-by-step instructions on measuring the physical dimensions of an existing drainage inlet of both the round and rectangle variety. Having this information readily available makes it easier than ever to retrofit a Fabco catch basin insert to an existing drain; the sooner we have the measurements, the quicker we can engineer and install your stormwater filtration system.

Fabco’s StormBasin™, StormSack™, StormSok™, and StormPod™ are all considered catch basin insert filters. These filter products are designed to be installed under the grate of a typical storm drain inlet. In this position, any runoff water directed to the drain must first pass through the filter before it travels through the rest of the underground stormwater system. Catch basin insert filters can treat a variety of pollutants at this entry point effectively cleaning the water before it is combined with potentially clean water downstream. Click on the link to learn more about measuring round or rectangular grates.

Catch Basin Filter Insert Cleaning

DSC01307Following the installation of Fabco Industries catch basin inserts, it is important to be aware of some simple maintenance procedures that will keep them working at peak effectiveness. Keep in mind Catch basin inserts filter runoff water and they protect your stormwater system keeping it flowing efficiently and helping to maintain available storage in the piping system or other devices to prevent flooding during high intensity storms.

Fabco StormBasin & StormPod systems with replaceable filtering cartridges 

StormBasin™ and StormPod™ are arguably the most advanced insert available in the stormwater market. Features such sealed-replaceable filter cartridges, superior construction using high density plastics, aluminum and Stainless steel, and patented mounting systems are just some of the key benefits included on the systems.

These advanced systems are highly efficient in capturing solids such as fine sediments & debris as well as a variety of soluble pollutants for example nutrients, heavy metals, and oils and grease using one of our 10 available filter cartridge systems.

As with any filtering system, maintenance intervals vary with application and the size of the filter. Visual inspections are highly recommended during the first year to establish optimum seasonal timing. Although the units can be cleaned by hand with shovels and a bucket, for large scale implementation the most efficient method is to use a vacuum system such as a Vactor truck to quickly suck out the collected material.

The collected material will be moist or nearly dry allowing an estimated 50 or more inserts to be cleaned using a standard 10 yard Vactor truck maximizing space and your workers scheduling – no lost time driving back and forth to the dump site to off load water. In most states the collected material is considered contaminated waste – similar to street sweepings for disposal, although you should confirm with your local, state and federal authorities just to be certain.

Likewise spent filter cartridges have been tested from municipal and commercial properties under RCRA regulations and shown to be non-hazardous (Disclaimer: testing prior to disposal is the responsibility of the owner).

Suggested maintenance

Interval: Two clean outs per year. We suggest one cleaning following the fall clean up (after the leaves drop) and a second at the end of the spring prior to the summer months.

Replace cartridges: Once per year. For most cartridges this can be done when convenient. However, nutrient cartridges should be changed just prior to the growing season to be most effective. See study.

Fabco StormSack™ and StormSok™ systems for sediments, trash, debris and more

The StormSack™ and StormSok™ are the premier post construction sediment and trash control inserts. They feature the same advanced mounting systems included on the StormBasin and StormPod but adapted to accept a high flow rate, replaceable, Geotextile filtering bag for the capture of sediments and debris. And with the addition of a standard oil boom the treatment of oils and grease is added to the treatment process making the StormSack/Sok ideal for parking lots, roadways, shopping centers, beaches or protecting other BMP’s such as underground detention systems or infiltration areas.

In general, StormSack™ and StormSok™ have greater storage capacity than equivalently sized StormBasins/Pods and significantly greater treatment flow rate giving them a little more latitude in terms of frequency in maintenance and servicing. Again, the StormSack™ and StormSok™ can be cleaned using hand tools. In fact most StormSacks™ and StormSoks™ are supplied with lifting tabs which allow the entire unit to be hoisted and dumped for cleaning. However, Fabco recognized that the use of automated vacuum equipment was key to quick and complete cleaning of the filtering bag when used in large scale projects.

To allow the use of high powered vacuums and to protect the filtering bag from shovel strikes, rips and tears Fabco is the only manufacturer that provides a secondary, rigid plastic mesh liner in front of the filtering bag (Link to News release on Liner). The liner takes all the abuse, extending the life of the filter bag and allowing the use of fast, effective vacuum cleaning.

Like the StormBasin™ and StormPod™ the collected material will be moist or nearly dry in the filter bag allowing numerous units to be cleaned and the debris collected in a single vactor truck load. In most states the collected material is considered contaminated waste – similar to street sweepings for disposal, although you should confirm with your local, state and federal authorities just to be certain.

Contact Fabco for more information on how to maintain your catch basins.

Fabco Filters Put to the Lab Test


This June, we commissioned the LONG ISLAND ANALYTICAL LABORATORIES to conduct a SUSPENDED SOLIDS WASTE TEST on our stormwater filtration system. They took our standard filtration cartridge and tested it using OK-85 silica sand. The goal: to determine the efficiency of our filter cartridges.

The test was performed on eight samples of both influent and effluent sediment. We wanted to see how efficient our filter cartridges were in handling both settled and dissolved sediment. We calibrated the systems at our location in Farmingdale, New York. Then we let the laboratories do their job.

Throughout the process, we felt strongly that our filtration system would hold up. We’d seen our systems working in the real world and meeting the standards set by environmental groups. This, though, was different.  We were getting hard evidence.

The results came in and we were pleased.  According to LONG ISLAND ANALYTICAL LABORATORIES, the mean efficiency of our filters was 82.3 percent. In one sample, our standard filtration cartridge produced an 89.5 percent efficiency.

Click here to see the complete testing procedures and methods, along with the results.

Call or send us an e-mail describing your stormwater situation. We’ll gladly discuss how our highly efficient filtration systems can solve your drainage problems.

Fabco Introduces Trench Drain™

10063-2-000_PICBWe’re proud to add the Fabco Trench Drain™ to our ever-growing product line. This is our unique design, engineered to fit within most flat-bottomed trench drain inlets. The Fabco Trench Drain™ system can effectively handle the higher flow rates associated with large drain situations. This makes our system ideal for commercial, industrial, airport and roadway trench drain applications.

The simple design easily traps sediment, trash, debris and even oil within the trench while allowing runoff water to pass through the filter and out through the storm drain system.

As with all of our products, Fabco backs up our Trench Drain™ with full technical support and world-class customer service. We go beyond the expected to provide solutions to any stormwater management challenge. That is why Fabco is the leader in stormwater management.

Now, Fabco’s Trench Drain™ adds to the solutions we can offer you. Call us today about our Trench Drain™ or any of our quality Fabco Industries’ products.

Fabco Designs Custom Stormwater Catch Basin Insert Filter for Westchester Airport in NY

1st fabcoRaise a glass and toast New York – with a glass of fresh, clear water. And think of us! FABCO INDUSTRIES took on an exceptional challenge to make sure that the drinking water in the New York area is as pure as possible. And it all started on a local county airport.

The Westchester Airport in New York has always complied with community, state and federal environmental policies, using leading edge environmental programs which include a comprehensive stormwater management plan.

The busy county airport is surrounded by numerous large and small water bodies including the important Kensico Reservoir which has been supplying drinking water to NYC since 1855 (See links). Located in this sensitive watershed, it is imperative to insure that any runoff water leaving the airport grounds through the existing surface drain inlets and underground stormwater system is effectively filtered of toxins and contaminants before reaching these nearby water storage areas.

second fabcoIn the past the airport has tested devices called Catch Basin Insert filters which are installed below the grates of the existing drains. Any water entering drains must go through the filter. Functionally, the filters need to retain solid materials such as contaminated sediments, trash (cigarette butts, plastic water bottles and papers), and other organic debris. As well, these filters need to provide an effective treatment for fuel, oils and other aircraft related residues.

Other stormwater companies offered their standard products but discovered a new complication: installing conventional storm drain insert filters results in lifting the grates slightly above the asphalt. For most customers this is a non-issue. But considering the weights and speeds of moving aircraft – this was an unacceptable safety situation for an airport.

FABCO INDUSTRIES a leading supplier of catch basin filters, with a history of application driven solutions, contracted with the airport to design, build and install the new filter inserts.

THE SOLUTION: To avoid lifting the grate, the Fabco filters had to be suspended below the existing frame lip. As most of the drains on the site were round, our concept involved developing an expandable ring installed onto the cylindrical wall below the frame lip – in essence creating a second lip. By using a large diameter screw thread, the expanding ring is minutely adjustable across a range of more than an inch while exerting the tremendous outward pressure needed to support the filter and the 3.5 cubic feet of sediment, trash and debris we expect to capture from the runoff.

The expanding rings were installed by two men into the existing inlets using a simple level and a Torque wrench. The work itself did not involve breaking any concrete, laying any new asphalt or even drilling any holes.

The units are easily cleaned and maintained using a Vactor truck or mechanically hoisted out of the drain and dumped.

Fabco Industries takes great pride in keeping our water as fresh and clean as possible. The pride is even greater when we take on a challenge like the Westchester County Airport. For giving us the challenge, we toast the county—with a big glass of sparkling water.



Green Infrastructure Educational Forum Featured Fabco

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.26.20 AMOn February 5, 2015 Fabco Industries, Inc, the leader in storm management solutions, gave a presentation at the “Green Solutions to Stormwater Pollution” Forum.

The Forum was organized by Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE), National Wildlife Federation and the Suffolk County Planning Commission. The three major organizations had joined efforts to educate businesses and the general public about the value and importance of green infrastructure and raise environmental awareness among various stakeholders. Participants had an opportunity to learn more about new green infrastructure approaches and find out how these innovative methods can better protect natural resources.

Fabco discussed the many benefits of the FocalPoint biofiltration system and the wide variety of other high-quality filtration products Fabco offers that can complement green infrastructure designs and applications. To see Fabco’s presentation, please click on http://www.citizenscampaign.org/PDFs/Fabco%20-%20New%20mod_final.pdf

But what is green infrastructure and why is it important?

Green infrastructure approaches have proven to dramatically reduce flooding, save energy resources, prevent pollution and enhance property values. It’s a smart, efficient and cost-effective way to tap into natural landscapes to manage stormwater.

Green infrastructure is a powerful and practical solution that uses a variety of natural resources to manage water and give rise to cleaner and healthier environments. While preserving natural landscapes, green infrastructure is a proven method to capture and reuse stormwater to establish, rebuild or repair natural hydrologic systems. In recent times, Fabco has been successfully implementing green infrastructure solutions and addressing a wide array of environmental challenges.

Local government and business leaders were among the presenters during this important three-hour event. The list of presenters includes:

  • Dave Calone, Suffolk County Planning Department Chairman
  • Adrienne Esposito, CCE Executive Director
  • Maureen Krudner, EPA Region 2 Green Infrastructure Coordinator

Long Island municipalities, consultants, developers and community residents were in attendance to learn about new crucial and cost-effective ways to overcome environmental and economic challenges.. A number of successful case studies were shared attesting to the significance of green technology and its long-term impact on communities. In addition, the participants had an opportunity to find out how certain green infrastructure BMPs (i.e. rain gardens, permeable pavement, green roof, bioswales, etc.) can protect coastlines and local waterways during rain or snow events.

Separately, Fabco’s  innovative technical solutions will be featured in a comprehensive report entitled: Managing Stormwater Natural Vegetation and Green Methodologies Guidance for Municipalities and Developers. The report will include a wide variety of topics focusing on green infrastructures approaches, strategies and solutions designed to create a sustainable Long Island.