Green Infrastructure Retrofits Route 1 Infrastructure Project Falmouth, ME

The Falmouth Route 1 infrastructure project was designed to make the town’s commercial corridor more pedestrian and environmental friendly.  An 11.7 million dollar bond was approved by voter-referendum in June 2013, publicly bid in the Spring of 2014 and awarded to Sargent Corporation, a well-respected contractor headquartered in Stillwater, ME.

The Town and the Engineer of Record (Fay Spoffard & Thorndike of South Portland, ME) specified a high performance modular biofiltration system in sixteen locations along Route 1.   Because the system utilizes high rate biofilter media (100”/hr) and boxless/open top design, the system provides cost, footprint and installation efficiencies over traditional bioretention designs

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On track to be completed in the summer of 2015, The FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration System has been specifically developed to lead by example by providing a systematic framework within our specification, designed to raise standards for all bioretention implementation, in construction quality control and quality assurance, reliability, long-term performance and lifecycle vendor commitment.  

Fabco Industries is an exclusive sub-distributor to ACF Environmental  of Richmond, VA.   FocalPoint is developed and licensed by Convergent Water Technologies of Houston, TX.