stormsack stormwater fabco retrofit

Using the latest in geotextile technology the StormSack offers high flow rates and is equipped with a hydrocarbon absorption boom. Filter bags are supplied with a reinforcement HDPE mesh liner to protect the filter bag during maintenance activities.

Features Summary:

  • Designed for flat, combination, and open curb drain inlets
  • Holds up to 1,100 lbs of sediments and debris
  • Hydrocarbon treatment capability
  • Durable, aluminum frame with replaceable filter bags – designed to last
  • Covered bypass retains trash during extreme rain events
  • Adjustable mounting system

Options include:

  • Two bag depths 15″ and 30″
  • Replaceable Hydrocarbon Boom

The StormSack is available in over 400 sizes and comes standard with a patented adjustable aluminum flange.